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Rendrr Devign Labs - Design, Development, and Marketing Agency

Proud owner of some of the products you might have heard of –

We want to do something cool, we want to create something unbelievable, we want to make things easy, we at rendrr are a bunch of creative minds who love to build on our own ideas whenever and wherever something strikes . Whether for companies or individuals – does not matter. We absolutely love what we do and do not stop at just one thing.

Here are some of the products you might have come across which would have germinated from one of the guys in our team-

No Bounce | Email Validator
EZFY | Build Your Own Thing

More Coming Soon

Rendrr - Proud owner of some of the products you might have heard of - NoBounce - Ezfy

We at Rendrr have spent years understanding how a business can grow using a combined skill set of design, development & marketing.

Whether it is B2B or B2C, we have tailored solutions for everyone
What differentiates us

Putting an end to mediocrity, here are 3 practices that we follow to ensure quality of work

Good to Great

Good to Great

As quoted in the book - Good is the enemy of great. The vast majority of companies never become great, precisely because the vast majority become quite good- and that is the main problem.



We want to learn from the industry leaders and continue getting better at what we do. This helps not only to offer what is best for you but also to achieve greatness via consistently improving our methods.

Proactive over Reactive

Proactive over Reactive

we are continually investigating what is to come. All our products and processes are structured keeping an eye on subsequent possibilities and dangers which is why we believe in being well – prepared.

"Over years we have seen trends changing dramatically in the field of tech and design, ultimately effecting the marketing behaviour of the industry. Very few manage to climb along the these changes. Those who don't, end up giving a bitter experience to their customers. ​That is why we have made sure that we at Rendrr always try to stay in the first bracket"

- Rakesh D L
Co-founder, Chief of Mystics

Idea to reality

We started small a year back and looking forward to finishing big.

We began as freelancers, worked without holding back in various organizations and again went back to independent at long last shaping Rendrr with a bunch of ideas desperate to work together as a team. A little struggle, some terrible experiences, a group of seekers aiming to make world a better place resulted everyone to end up at rendrr.

Good is the enemy of great – We aim to go all out to provide our customers nothing less than great. This is the principle thing that everyone at Rendrr strives for.

Lab of Mystics - Technology

All the dev and tech savvy activities happen here. Be it your website, mobile app or building your product, lab of mystics is the place for you

Lab of Alchemy - Design & Marketing

Design and marketing go hand in hand in lab of alchemy. Logos, creatives, videos, graphics, promotions, all this magic happens here

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