10 basic ways to maximize engagement on social media poster design

“A picture speaks more than a thousand words”, this phrase holds good for engaging audience on social media. Social media poster design can help engage audience in a better way than sheer wordings. Hence, nailing social media poster is imperative to capture larger audience. According to a survey, Facebook posts with images or graphics will see twice as much engagement as those without. Also, Tweets with images will get 150% more retweets.

People take quick decisions on the content they pay attention to while going through their social media feeds. Hence, it is important to catch the attention of the target audience instantly. Therefore, one of the best ways to catch their attention is to add graphic design on the social media post and increase social media marketing.

A recent study showed that posts that contain compelling graphic design or images have an average of 94% more views than posts without them. However, one has to bear in mind that social media graphic designs not only increase audience engagement but boost understanding and retention too. Statistics have also proven that people recall information 65% more efficiently when a post is associated with a relevant image.

Hence, here is the 10 basic ways to maximize engagement on social media poster design –


Include open graph images for each social media channel. Open graph is a type of protocol that enables web pages to become a rich object in a social graph. Open graph data helps in passing certain details to the social graph about what the object and how it should be presented. For instance, A person wanting to specify what image or video appears, the title and description that should be shown and even the location or language.


Use link to fetch social preview on social media platforms. To improve the social media engagement, one of the way is add dynamic links to the social media poster design. To increase the apps and sites search, one can display dynamic links by specifying social metadata. This metadata will be passed on to supported services in the form of social meta tags. For instance, when a picture of giraffe is posted using a dynamic link, the metadata specified will include Title, description and image.


The correct sizes and standard sizes for social media poster design is 1200×728. While choosing photos one should bear in mind that there is a difference between how photos are displayed on your personal timeline and how it will be displayed in a user’s newsfeed. Hence, one should make sure that the dimensions chosen is based on the platform that you want your viewers to view the image. Standard for social media posters also depends on the social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter, so on and so forth.


Include a CTA while designing a social poster. The next step that a person needs to do on a social media platform is usually called as call-to-action. All the social media poster designs should have a CTA irrespective of the topic and type. For instance, some can have a CTA saying “Register Online” at the bottom. Also, one should ensure that CTA is a simple procedure, it shouldn’t be a haphazard for the customer. It should also be unique and stand out from the rest of the poster, so that the person viewing the social media poster design can identify it.


Identify your audience and use catchy phrases on the social media poster design. A catchy phrase can attract the audience and retention of remembering such phrases is high. The reader doesn’t have patience to read and understand the whole design, hence, catchy phrases comes handy. Phrases that says the crux of the whole poster is important. Hence, using unique and catchy sentences is much needed.


Keep it simple and straight. It takes 4-5 seconds to grab the attention of the audience, hence it becomes imperative to keep the social media poster design simple, straight and standing out from the rest.


Preview headline is a pre-header that contains what the message or the poster contains. It is succinct of the whole social media posters. Hence, it is important to properly edit the headline of the social media poster design as it gives out the content of the design.


Don’t forget to UTM Tag your links. UTM links are useful for testing various strategies. They tell about your traffic than any regular analytics. For instance, UTM links can be helpful in telling the following –

  • Which social media platform group drive the most traffic
  • The comments that your ads generate the most sales
  • The social profiles that generate most conversions
  • The types of updates that perform best with respect to traffic or engagement.


Match the timing when your audience is online. This will help in reaching the audience in a quick manner.


Identify which type of posts are working best for your business. Identify the target audience for these posts. Using SEO techniques, using survey, conduct research and post the necessary and relevant social media poster design that can enhance and improve the business.

The aforementioned techniques are some of the ways in order to maximise the engagement of the audience through the social media poster design.

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